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Whatsapp Date and time error fix [Easy Fix]

One of the first faults a new user of the program will experience is the WhatsApp date and time mistake if they are not properly directed. We have outlined a quick fix for the bug below.

Whatsapp Date and time error fix [Easy Fix]

On this post

  1. What causes this error
  2. How to fix this error

1. What causes Whatsapp Date and time error?

There are primarily 2 reasons why this message appears in your Whatsapp. Either the app you are using is out-of-date, or your device’s date and time settings are incorrect.

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2. How to fix Whatsapp Date and time error

Whatsapp Date and time error can easily be fixed with the steps listed below.

Solution 1: Run application update

  1. Open Google Playstore on your device
  2. on the search bar, type Whatsapp
  3. Locate Whatsapp messenger on the list and select it.
  4. Click on Update

Solution 2: Update the date and time on your device

Oftentimes, your time and date might be correctly set but your time zone won’t be set to your current location.

Steps to set the date and time on your device

  1. Go to settings on your device
  2. Navigate to General Settings, select it and finally, date & time
  3. Now go ahead and select or turn on : Automatic date and time which will set your time and date based on the one provided by your network.

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Use the search function to quickly identify the date and time setting on other devices where it might be hidden under a different settings category. The option may be found under settings, Date and time, on older devices.


That resolves another problem with respect to the Whatsapp Date and Time Error. Kindly share this post, help me out, and leave a comment below. You can also check out a lot of our other content right here on the website.

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