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5 ways to Fix Low Game FPS in Windows

A sluggish PC is sometimes the most annoying issue a gamer will ever encounter. The game is made less entertaining and irritating by this mistake. We’ve outlined five actions that, in our opinion, can assist you to solve your problem. 5 ways to Fix Low Game FPS in Windows.

5 ways to Fix Low Game FPS in Windows


If you’re experiencing low game FPS in Windows, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the issue.

1. Update Drivers/Graphics Card

Ensure that your graphics card’s drivers are current. This is a crucial step since an outdated driver may prevent a PC from operating to its full capability. The simplest method for upgrading your computer’s drivers is Windows Update.

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2. Check CPU & Memory Resources

To find out what’s using the most CPU and memory resources, look at your system setup.
The majority of PC applicants use the majority of your PC’s memory resources, leaving little for more applicants to share. For instance, more RAM is needed for PC games to function properly.

3. Lower Resolution

The majority of video games have greater resolutions, while some of them may be scaled down to fit your PC’s screen. Often, your PC’s screen resolution may be too low, therefore lowering your game’s system requirements is probably the best course of action.

4. Turn off “not in use” background programs

If your computer is currently running any background apps that you are not using, turn them off. By doing this, you free up more RAM for your video game to use, allowing it to function more efficiently and without lagging.

5. Reinstallation

Reinstalling the game is also a troubleshooting process for fixing lagging video games.

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Other solutions

You may want to uninstall your graphics card drivers and install them again to see if that fixes the problem.

If your PC is still running slow even after updating your drivers and your system configuration, then it’s probably time to invest in a new computer.

It should be noted that newer PC games could not work properly on your computer because it can be an outdated model.

5 ways to Fix Low Game FPS in Windows


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