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How to Download YouTube Videos on your android device

How to Download YouTube Videos on your android device – Since the “save for offline” option doesn’t save the films straight to your device gallery, most Android users have had trouble downloading videos from YouTube to their devices.

I can relate to how annoying it is to view a compelling YouTube video but be unable to download it to your device’s gallery as an Android user.

We’ll walk you through the process of quickly downloading any YouTube video in this post.

Why you can’t download it from Youtube

Downloading from YouTube is possible, but only for customers with premium or paid memberships.
If you have a paid subscription and are still having trouble downloading, you may want to update your YouTube application or check the stability of your network.

How to Download YouTube Videos on any device

Steps to download YouTube videos have been listed below.

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1. Open your browser

The mobile app of YouTube does not permit downloading, thus you must use the website instead. Any browser can be used to carry out this process.

2. Open Youtube on your browser

Once you have successfully launched your web browser, hover over the URL box and open Youtube web (youtube.com).

How to Download YouTube Videos on your android device
How to Download YouTube Videos on your android device

3. Locate the video you wish to download

Locate the video that you wish to have on your device and open it.

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This process can be achieved by either searching for the video or locating it through an already subscribed channel.

4. Youtube link modification

This is the most tricky part of all. YouTube doesn’t accept downloads, so we will use a third-party website to be able to download. To begin your download, add “PP” to the video URL (EG: https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=s_TRhURT2MM)

When you edit the YouTube URL and press the Enter key, you will automatically be redirected to another page where the download button for your video is located.

5. Select preferred video quality

If you have reached this stage, it simply implies that you have advanced after successfully changing the link.

Depending on your preferred quality, the linked site offers a variety of video qualities, some of which may be of varying sizes, you are expected to pick one.

6. Download

Once you have selected your prefered video quaity, a box will pop up with a “download” button, click on it and your video will start to download automatically.

Final words

You must be aware that the third-party website is not one that YouTube has approved and does not function with YouTube. There are countless numbers of sites out there thatoffer the same feature.

Having followed the steps listed above, please let us know in the comment section if this article was helpful to you.


Ugiankong David Ashipu, mostly known as Alex is a Nigerian content writer and graphic designer from the Cross River State. Instagram: @alexdave0 Whatsapp: 08123190001 Twitter: @Alexdave0

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