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How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is a fun software for creating graphics, and because of how easy it is to use, it is sometimes referred to as one of the greatest graphics applications. One of these features includes removing backgrounds from pictures, particularly those with little details like hair.

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

Because of its ease of use and variety of tools, background removal is one of Adobe Photoshop’s most well-liked features. This allows users to quickly and simply remove backgrounds from images.

In this post, we will guide you on how to easily crop out hair from a photo in Adobe Photoshop.

You can watch the steps in the video below:

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop [Step to Step]

The steps below will guide you on how to easily cut out hair from an image.

Step 1: Import your image into Photoshop

To begin this process, you have to import the image you wish to work on into the application.

You can either drag the image into the Photoshop environment or go to File > Open > Locate the image you wish to import and double-click on it to import.

Step 2: Unlock your image and duplicate it

Once your image is imported, it is automatically locked by Photoshop as the background. You are required to unlock the image in the layer panel and then duplicate it (Ctrl or Cmd + J) for reference purposes.

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

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Step 3: Make your selection

This is a crucial step in the process since we can’t move on until the wanted/unwanted portion of the image has been chosen. To avoid a bad result, you might wish to exercise caution while making your selection.

Tools used for making selections:

1.. Marquee Tools:

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

You may choose a shape by dragging it over an area using the Marquee tools. You have the option of using two single-line forms, an elliptical marquee tool, or a rectangular marquee tool. Select the marquee you wish to use, then click and drag the form to the appropriate size. When you let go of it, the choice is displayed. When dragging to make a square or circle, hold the Shift key. You drag the form by default from a corner. To draw a shape that starts in the center, hold down the Alt or Option key.

2. The Lassos

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

You may draw a free-form lasso around an object to choose it with this tool. The device is not particularly accurate. When you want to make a broad choice, use it.

3. Object Selection

Object Selection was added by Adobe to Photoshop in 2019. It initially has the same appearance as the Marquee tool. To choose an object, first draw a rectangle or lasso around it. Photoshop then examines the shape’s contents to identify any objects within. The selection is then further refined by the program around the theme.

4. Color Range

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop

The Color Range tool can function similarly to the Magic Wand tool. Ctrl + A to select the full image, then select Color Range from the Select drop-down box. Choose > Choose Color Range. The window changes. From the drop-down option, choose Sampled Colors, then click on a color in your image. Similar colors are chosen at greater Fuzziness levels. Additionally, you may select color families from the drop-down box, such as reds. A thumbnail provides a sneak peek. The chosen sections are white. Gray sections are only partly chosen.

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Step 4: Select and Mask (Alt + Ctrl + R)

Select And Mask in Photoshop has a series of tools dedicated to building and perfecting masks. Use the Select Subject tool in Select And Mask to quickly begin creating the mask that will isolate the model from the backdrop.

The Select and Mask tool is found at Select > Select and Mask.

N/B: Hold down the shift key before selecting the “Select and Mask” on the Select menu drop-down.

How to select and mask an image

1. Launch Select and Mask: With the image still selected, open the Select and Mask on the Select Menu.

2. Change your view: Change the view to Overlay (v). This will change the user preview pattern, enabling us to see the selected and non-selected areas of the image.

3. Brush through your selection: In addition to the regions of the image, you want to be in your selection but weren’t initially, brush across the outside part of your selection as well.

Step 5: Feather and Delete

This step is the final stage of this process.

If you are done with selecting and masking, hit the OK then feather and select the unwanted area of the image to effect the selection and mask.

If you followed the steps listed above properly, your final result should be like the image above.


In Photoshop, there are several ways to remove hairs from an image, but we chose the “Select and Mask” style since we think it is the easiest of all.

Please use the comment section below if you have any queries or recommendations.

How To Crop Out Hair in Adobe Photoshop


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