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Google Chrome to introduce an advanced Picture-in-Picture Feature

Google Chrome is working to introduce an advanced Picture-in-Picture feature that allows Video Conferencing.

Google Chrome to introduce an advanced Picture-in-Picture Feature

According to rumors, Google Chrome is developing an advanced Picture-in-Picture feature (PiP) for the Chrome browser that is more advanced and would offer consumers more features. On the Chrome Developers page, the new development has been noticed. The updated “Document in Picture-in-Picture” will have more sophisticated tools than the current version, such as personalized controls and inputs, the capacity to integrate numerous streams into a single PiP, and more.

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Only a few inputs and restricted style options are available for videos in the current Picture-in-Picture support. However, the updated Document in PiP for Chrome will add more unique features and inputs to the PiP window.

The new advanced picture-in-picture feature in Google Chrome is still in development, but it is expected to offer several enhancements over the current implementation. Some of the expected features include:

  1. Resizable floating window: The PiP window will be resizable, allowing users to adjust its size to their preference.
  2. Improved controls: The new PiP mode will come with better controls, including the ability to play, pause, skip, and rewind videos directly from the floating window.
  3. Snap to corners: The PiP window will have the ability to snap to the corners of the screen, providing a more organized and streamlined experience.
  4. Works with multiple tabs: Users will be able to watch a video in PiP mode while they work in multiple tabs, allowing for greater multitasking capabilities.

These are some of the expected features of the new advanced picture-in-picture mode in Google Chrome. The exact timeline for its release and any changes to the planned features are not known at this time.

But rumors have it that the document in Picture-in-Picture is now available as an original trial Chrome Developer website.


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