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How To Create a Computer Virus (Harmless)

How To Create a Computer Virus – I think we can all agree that one of the best feelings is pulling pranks on our friends and seeing their terrified reactions.

Will you use a fake computer virus to trick your friends? This article will provide you with a step-by-step manual on how to accomplish your objectives.


While it could be alluring to transmit a bogus computer virus to your friends or coworkers as a joke, it’s crucial to keep in mind that such activities can be both unprofessional and potentially dangerous. Spreading a phony virus can have unforeseen repercussions, such as causing harm to the recipient’s computer system or losing crucial data, as well as undue worry or bewilderment.

Furthermore, disseminating phony infections can make individuals less aware of the true dangers of computer viruses, making them possibly more gullible and open to actual virus attacks.

When using technology, it’s crucial to always be responsible and attentive, and to consider the possible effects of any decisions you make. Consider finding alternative, more beneficial methods to interact with individuals and create healthy relationships rather than playing practical jokes on others with phony illnesses.

What is a Harmless Computer Virus?

If we are going to Create a Computer Virus, maybe we should look at what it is all about.

It is a software or file that is created to mimic a real computer virus but is actually safe and meant to be used as a joke is known as a hoax computer virus. The prank virus typically causes the computer to act strangely, such as opening and closing windows, altering the desktop wallpaper, or creating noises. It may even display a bogus error message or warning on the screen.

Prank viruses are frequently employed as a technique to amuse close friends, members of one’s family, or employees. They may be placed secretly on a person’s computer through direct installation, instant messaging, social media, or sharing as email attachments.

Although prank viruses are typically safe to utilize, it’s necessary to do so in a responsible and considerate manner. Prank virus distribution without the recipient’s agreement can be intrusive, potentially harmful, and is also a form of harassment or cyberbullying. Always be mindful of other people’s privacy rights and use technology in a responsible, civil, and safe manner.

How To Create a Computer Virus

Without further ado, lets begin the process of creating our computer virus.

Step 1: Creating your virus

  • Open Notepad and type in:
set x=wscript.createobject (“wscript.shell”)
wscript.sleep 100
x.sendkeys “{CAPSLOCK}”
x.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
x.sendkeys “I am a Tipbrat virus”
x.sendkeys “{SCROLLLOCK}”
How To Create a Computer Virus (Harmless)
  • Save your note as a .vbs (E.g virus.vbs) file type

Step 2: Installation of the virus  

Once the document has been saved;

  • Open Run (Windows + R) and type in “shell:startup
  • Copy and paste your saved virus file in the pop-up page
  • Head back to the original virus file and launch it.

Your virus should be fully functional. Look at a preview below:

How To Create a Computer Virus (Harmless)

How to stop the virus

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard
  • Run the Task Manager

Select Details on the listed menus at the top of the Task Manager

Locate “Wscrtipt.exe” and Right Click on it

Click “End Task”  

How To Create a Computer Virus (Harmless)

Then End Process

then End Process

Final Words: Why you shouldn’t use a prank virus

It is illegal:

Most nations forbid the creation and distribution of malware or viruses. You may be subject to legal repercussions, such as fines, jail time, or both, if you prank someone with a virus.

It can cause damage

Even if the infection was created as a joke, the victim’s machine could nevertheless sustain serious harm. Important files could be damaged or lost, the system could become sluggish, or the machine could become completely unusable. The victim can suffer the loss of crucial data or incur costs for repairs as a result.

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It can harm your relationship with the victim

The victim might not think the joke is amusing and might be angry with you for damaging their computer. They might stop believing in you, which would be bad for your connection with them.

It can harm your reputation

To Create a Computer Virus and put it to use might be bad for your reputation if people learn that you generated and transmitted a virus. You can come across as dishonest or unethical to potential employers or coworkers.

In other words, To Create a Computer Virus and put it to use as a practical joke is not a responsible or intelligent choice. It may actually hurt someone and have negative effects on society and the law. Alternatively, there are plenty more ways to pull a funny prank that don’t entail doing anything wrong or destructive.

How To Create a Computer Virus.


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