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ChatGPT’s replacement, GPT-4 released by OpenAI

ChatGPT’s replacement, GPT-4 released by OpenAI – The official upgrade to one of the leading AI on the internet, ChatGPT has been released and is available for use.

The new model can respond to images, for example, by producing tags and descriptions and suggesting recipes based on images of the ingredients.

It can process 25,000 words in total, which is around eight times as much as ChatGPT.

Since its debut in November 2022, ChatGPT has been used by millions of users.

Although schools advise against using it, it is frequently requested for producing songs, poems, marketing copy, computer code, and assistance with schoolwork.

ChatGPT uses the internet as it was in 2021 as its knowledge base and responds to queries in language that is as natural and human-like as possible. It may also imitate different writing styles, such as those of authors and songwriters.

ChatGPT's replacement, GPT-4 released by OpenAI
ChatGPT’s replacement, GPT-4 released by OpenAI

There are worries that technology might one day replace a lot of the tasks currently carried out by people.

OpenAI claimed to have worked on GPT-4’s safety features for six months and trained it using user feedback. It did, however, issue a warning that it might still be prone to disinformation dissemination.

Initial access to GPT-4 will be granted to ChatGPT Plus members, who pay $20 monthly for a tier of service.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine platform is already powered by it. The tech titan gave OpenAI a $10 billion investment.

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It produced a response to a challenging tax query in a live demo, but there was no mechanism to validate the accuracy of the result.

A form of generative artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, is GPT-4. Predictive text and algorithms are used by generative AI to produce fresh content in response to commands.

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 has “more sophisticated reasoning abilities” than ChatGPT. For instance, the model can locate open meeting times for three schedules.

In order to develop AI Chatbots that can help its customers using natural language, OpenAI also announced new collaborations with the visually challenged app Be My Eyes and language learning tool Duolingo.

Yet just like its predecessors, OpenAI has cautioned that GPT-4 is still not entirely trustworthy and may “hallucinate”—a condition in which AI fabricates information or uses erroneous reasoning.

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