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Netflix to Release 40 Additional Games in 2023

Netflix to Release 40 Additional Games in 2023 – Online streamig company, Netflix is set to release 40 new games on their platform.

Netflix to Release 40 Additional Games  in 2023
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According to many reports, Netflix already have 16 games in development at its in-house gaming studio. as per CNET.

Netflix is intensifying its efforts to enter the gaming industry. The streaming service announced on Monday that it is working with partners to develop 30 additional games and will add 40 more to its platform this year. Moreover, Netflix’s own gaming studio is currently working on 16 new titles.

In 2023, Netflix promised to distribute new games every month, including Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, an exclusive from Ubisoft, which will go on sale on April 18.

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The company’s gaming approach places a lot of emphasis on creating games based on well-known Netflix series. Based on the same-named unscripted dating series on Netflix, Too Hot to Handle: Love is A Game is already accessible there. Later this year, Netflix intends to add yet another Too Hot to Handle movie.

In a news release, the business stated, “The ability to expand the worlds of Netflix films and shows through games is tremendously exciting to us.

Netflix started dabbling in gaming in 2021, and it steadily grew last year. The company currently offers 55 games in different genres.

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By opening Netflix on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and looking for mobile games, you can access its games. You can find out more about a game by clicking on it. After you click the Download Game button, the app store will open and the game may be downloaded to your device from there. Each Netflix subscription comes with access to all games.

Netflix to Release 40 Additional Games in 2023.


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