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How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices

How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices

The Talkback feature is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating features in your phone for the majority of Android users, but depending on who is using it, it can also be one of the most thrilling features.

How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices

According to reports, 83% of Android users on average reportedly disabled the app because they found it bothersome and did so.

Before we move forward, let’s look at the targeted users of the “Talkback feature” in Android phones.

What the Talkback feature is all about

Android phones’ Talkback feature is specially developed for people with low vision or visual impairments. Users may navigate their smartphones, access apps, and interact with on-screen features with the help of this accessibility feature, which speaks feedback. Talkback enables users to hear voiced descriptions of the text, buttons, notifications, and other user interface components that appear on the screen. By relying on auditory signals and touch movements, this feature enables visually challenged individuals to efficiently utilize and communicate with their Android devices.

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How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices

The TalkBack function can be disabled from your device’s settings if it has been activated. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack.
  2. Tap the slider once to highlight the toggle on/off section.
  3. On some devices, you may need to turn off the slider for “Use TalkBack” and select OK.
  4. Follow the voice feedback or instructions and double-tap the slider to toggle it off. This action will bring up a confirmation screen.
  5. Select the “Turn off” or “Stop” option, then double-tap it to disable the TalkBack feature.

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How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices


How to Disable TalkBack on Android Devices.

With TalkBack, you can navigate and control just about everything on your phone. You can also customize it so that it suits your specific needs.

While Android’s accessibility features are great and can help those with visual impairments or disabilities learn to use their phone or tablet, not every Android user wants to have text-to-speech or voice outputs to use their device. Thankfully, it’s easy to disable the TalkBack settings when you don’t need them.

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